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showcasing collaboration & community

Showcasing Collaboration

After our meetup in February, we met and reconnected with some truly amazing designers who are working together to create the future of design in their respective spheres. At the meet-up in May, we had Tunji Ogunnoye present his #DearDesigner series and website (and he has gone on to host weekly live chats on Instagram! Follow @DearDesignr), Ore Shonibare presented WiiCreate and talked about their plans for the future; for FourthCanvas, we had Mary Adefisayo talk about design at 4C. We also had interesting presentations by members of the audience including Elizabeth Ibia for the Twim Institute, one of the few schools for graphic design in Ibadan. We closed the meetup with an amazing rendition of Eri Ife’s  Upside Down amidst sumptous Purple Dragon cocktails and savoury chicken from Orion’s Grill.


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At the meet-up, Ezim Osai unveiled plans CTRL+G had in the works to drive community engagement and to create important resources for the community, namely the Ami and Brand Ibadan projects. Brand Ibadan will be the first (and only for now) repository of free-to-use high quality stock photos, videos, icons and audios of the city of Ibadan. The project will start in August and will be live for beta testing at the end of 2019.  We are still accepting applications for illustrators, sound engineers, photographers, web designers, videographers and editors as well as copywriters. Interested people can send us a mail at

The Ami project is an ambitious collection of the best logos and brand identities designed by Ibadan-based designers and designers who identify with Ibadan. With Ami, we are taking a conscious step to archive our present so future generations can see the history of the profession. The project will kick off in September, 2019 and will only involve members of the community.

Join The Team

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A community is only a community if it can sustain itself and create value for its members. We are inviting interested designers, communicators and friends of design to join us to truly create a Design Community in Ibadan! 

We are currently looking for people (preferably members of the community) who can take up of the task of managing an official Twitter account for CTRL+G and ensuring that the Ibadan design community has an ‘official’ community on the interwebs. We also need someone who knows their way around MailChimp, can communicate (in English) clearly and can pay attention to details to work on our emails and newsletters. Finally, we need a few volunteers that can help out with direct organization on the day of the event (TBC September, 2019). If you fit any of the profiles, please reach out to us via specifying how you want to help.

Partner With Us in September

We are looking for partner organizations and individuals to join us in growing the design community in Ibadan and environs. You can partner with us through monetary or in-kind donations and contributions. We would love to hear from you, click on the button below to send us an email and we will respond to you within 48 hours.

Join the conversation!

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